The Art Car (R.I.P.)

This car started out in life as a 1980 Bonneville. It fell into the wonderful hands of artist Nancy Josephson who transformed the car into a brilliant Art Car. The car had decorative round sequins (like the kind that are on those knit caps), rhinestones, pennies and glass domes with images of saints. The hood showcased an angel with a dress made of pennies. The side panels featured a heart, snakes and stars. The fins had swirls and glass globes with images of saints. This car won the 1988 Houston Art Car Parade.

I was lucky enough to own this car for a short while until sadly Loyola University was responsible for the demise.

Art Car 1IMG_0002IMG_0005

The fins were supported by a frame. You can see a bit of the detail on the fins, hood and trunk.


Take a look at the steering wheel…surrounded by rhinestones. The Virgin Mary is reminding the winged dog to “Sit Stay”.

The dashboard had plastic flowers for a festive touch.


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